Dr. Akanksha S. Bajpai

Dr. Akanksha S. Bajpai

Dr. Akanksha S. Bajpai

  • Diabetology
  • Fellowship, DNB
  • 9 yrs of experience
  • Consulting Physician and Diabetes specialist, Simpleekare Health, Bhubaneswar, Senior Resident Medicine, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  • 5e Care

Work details

  • Consulting Physician and Diabetologist
    Consulting Physician and DiabetologistSimpleekare ClinicBhubaneswar
  • Consulting Physician and Diabetologist
    Consulting Physician and DiabetologistJagannath Health CareBhubaneswar
  • Senior Resident Neurology
    Senior Resident Neurology Apollo HospitalBhubaneswar
  • Senior Resident Internal Medicine
    Senior Resident Internal MedicineMax Superspeciality HospitalNew Delhi
  • Consulting Physician and Diabetes specialist
    Consulting Physician and Diabetes specialistSimpleekare Health Bhubaneswar
  • Senior Resident Medicine
    Senior Resident MedicineApollo HospitalBhubaneswar
  • Senior Resident Medicine
    Senior Resident MedicineMax HospitalNew Delhi


  • MBBS
    MBBS G.S.V.M medical college, Kanpur ( U.P )
  • Fellowship in Diabetes ( U.K)
    Fellowship in Diabetes ( U.K)SR NeurologyApollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  • DNB
    DNB Family MedicineMax Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
  • Fellowship
  • DNB
    DNBFamily MedicineMax superspeciality hospital,

Awards & achievement

  • American College of Physicians
    American College of PhysiciansMembership
  • APICON 2019
    APICON 2019Paper presentation on prevalence of Diabetes in pregnancy and it's outcome: A prospective observational study.
  • Advance certification in clinical diabetology
    Advance certification in clinical diabetologyHarvard medical school
  • Advance Certificate course in diabetes
    Advance Certificate course in diabetesCardiff University,2015
  • ACP 2018
    ACP 2018Poster presentation 1-Sarcoidosis: Rare association 2- Eosinophilia : If not allergy then what?
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